Australia is investing in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM) to increase our country’s capacity to secure social, cultural and economic prosperity for Australians, while also tackling the challenges that face the world.

CSU is invested in STEMM programs and research and is taking steps to improve gender equity in the STEMM disciplines at the University, particularly by applying for an Athena SWAN Bronze Institutional Award.

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The Athena SWAN Charter is an evaluation and accreditation program enhancing gender equity for science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM). After more than a decade of success in the UK, the SAGE Pilot is trailing the program within the Australian context to retain and promote the research excellence of women.

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“We need a concerted, national effort to overcome the cultural, institutional and organisational factors that discourage girls and women from studying STEM, and that limit their opportunities to pursue careers in STEM and entrepreneurship”
National Innovation and Science Agenda

Women comprise more than half of science PhD graduates and early career researchers, but just 17% of senior academics in Australian universities and research institutes.

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Only one in four IT graduates and fewer than one in 10 engineering graduates are women.

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The ‘Women in STEM: A story of attrition’ paper shows how Australia’s gender STEM imbalance persists from the classroom through to the workplace.

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Athena SWAN is internationally recognised for creating gender-inclusive workplaces. Accredited institutions follow the ten principles of the Athena SWAN Charter to gain a competitive edge in attracting the best scientists.

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